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December 18, 2009
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See You Next Week by leadbirdie See You Next Week by leadbirdie
model: Stasie [link]

details: [link]

With this picture I finish to submit test shots of my new model. So... [see title :)]

other works with this model: [link]
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CoreyByas Dec 28, 2009  Professional General Artist
I really like this, grat smile, pose....I like what she is wearing. Beautiful model!
crunchiie Dec 25, 2009  Student General Artist
I like your photos but i think you should change the model.
She doesn't look innocent...
model like abbey lee kershaw could be more interressant
No doubts. I mean - Abbey Lee is great, indeed. But what about innocence... What do you mean - traditional religious point of view? What's better - to look innocent or to be innocent? that's too complex question for short comments:)

Stasie looks NATURAL; that's my point: I work with non-prof models, so-called "next-door-girls". I love reality, I hate fake. I know these yong girls, btw, I am a father of 23-year daughter. I do know their problems and so on.

BTW, Saint Mary Egyptian doesn't look innocent too [if you're catholic, you know her, she's our common saint with us, orthodox], haha!
crunchiie Dec 25, 2009  Student General Artist
( sorry for my english)
I would say innocence for the physik, not a young girl, not a chretian woman, not a fake young girl,
just someone who can look innocent in his glance (i don't know if it is the exactly word)

I think some people can make feel something special, and other no.

And, even if im not a photographer, i think its important the subject can make feel something for the reader of the picture.

I would just say this person hasn't this special feeling.

(I'm sorry i can't speak english very well)
It seems to me I understand you [English is not my native language too, but anyway!].

As a designer and photographer I want to know - what I does have to depict? Sweet dreams about nothing or impossible? "Fuck off real life, I don't like it, I don't want it, I am so cool that I'll create my own world" etc... HAHA! Yes, there are innocent, superb, superbeautiful faces on the billboards with ad of world brands on the streets and 17-year prostitutes under them. You live with mammy and daddy and have no problems? I'm happy for you! What about other world?
crunchiie Dec 26, 2009  Student General Artist
It's not what i would say.
The world is like that, they show beautiful pictures, they show us what we want watch;
anyway i don't like theses perfect pictures and this perfect photos retouched by photoshop for a better result.
I love Dali's creations not because they're beautiful but because it's make me feel something special, like a message . And for me a model it's not a perfect personne , pretty girl with big boobs or something like that, no, for me a good model is someone who's abble to be expressive, graceful. Not particulary thin or blonde personn.
Sorry if theses critics aren't accept, it's just what i think to this .
Ha, it's so strange, we are absolute like-minded persons, I agree with every your statement. So, thank you for critique... no message in my pics? I'll work! :)
iwantimac2005 Dec 19, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
its gonna be a long week for us waiting to see more :D
this week already started last Saturday [fortunately I had to work with her as with ad model and, of course, could not resist to take a couple shots for dA] :D
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