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model: Lena
Human Anatomy for Artists series:…

By the way.
Almost everybody knows about golden ratio in human body.
Visually human body is divisible into 2 parts by waistline.
Anatomically human body is divisible into 2 parts by thoracic diaphragm (it's the same).
The ratio of two lengths: of greatest part (abdomen and legs) and the smaller part (thorax and head) is equal to the ratio of total length of body and the length of greater part. Moreover, this ratio is a constant, irrational number Phi = 1.618..., so called "golden ratio".
Human body looks beautiful and harmonic when its proportions are close to this rule.

Sorry for boring banal bla-bla-bla, this fact is well-known from ancient times.

I did a little geometric experiment.
1. I've built two quadrates ABCD with center O and EFGH with center Q on two segments, which are "golden-rationed" parts of Lena's body.
2. I've rotated these quadrates by 45 degrees
3. I've moved them to inscribe into figure's limits

Positions of vertices E' and C' of rotated quadrates look like non-accidental!
And there are many other interesting things here: e.g. segment E'O - exactly neck, new point O' - the center of sternum, etc

What does it mean? Maybe nothing. And maybe it's a feed for mad scientists' brains :XD:

The same experiment with a slim ectomorphic body type:

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Golden Ratio D HA4AXXIX [ds] by leadbirdie

Mature Content

Golden Ratio D HA4AXXXI [ds] by leadbirdie


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Golden Ratio A HA4AXXX [ds] by leadbirdie

Mature Content

Golden Ratio: Anna and Ant HA4AXXXI [ds] by leadbirdie

Mature Content

Golden Ratio S HA4AXXXII [ds] by leadbirdie

Mature Content

Golden Ratio Anna HA4AXXXIII [ds] by leadbirdie

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roy-p Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
Interesting! One thing I notice straightaway, the center O, of the smaller square ABCD, lies at the supra-sternal notch. This is before ABCD has been rotated clockwise, and A shifted to its current position A', which is at the top of the head.

Teachings of artistic anatomy usually consider the Base of the nose (plane touching the nostrils/nasal openings) to be at halfway between supra-sternal notch and top of the head. In this picture, that would be between A' and O.

Now, my objective is to construct a proportionate figure from scratch (i.e on a blank sheet) using the 8:5 or Phi ratio as you have indicated. Now, I'm wondering if I could find the vertical head height from this, which you have indicated by A'E'. You have found E' by raising Q to Q', so that the 'corner' of the rotated circle EFGH touches the chin on the ref image. But I don't have a 'chin-level' on a blank sheet.

Finding head-height would also help me locate the eyes at half of A'E', as well as use A'E' as unit length to compare with the total height of the figure.


If I were to start with a blank sheet, divide it vertically into 8 parts (with some room at the top and the bottom), the bottom of the thoracic cage would be at 5 parts - counted from below. Thus satisfying the Phi ratio of 1.6 or 8:5. This would be indicated by the line DC in your construction. I can construct the two squares ABCD and EFGH from this arrangement. A' would be the mid-point of AB. The plumb line, or mid-vertical, is dropped from A'.

Now, say the plumb line bisects DC at X. This would create a vertical segment A'X, which is equal to the sides of the square ABCD.

Then O (on my blank sheet) would be the middle point of A'X, and indicate the supra-sternal notch. By traditional teaching, the Base of the nose, or the Nose line, could thus be located halfway between A' and O. So I have found the Nose line by the golden proportion method.

But, this doesn't give me the missing or elusive point E', because I don't have a 'chin-line' on a blank sheet to which I can raise the rotated E. I wonder if there is a way to find the point E', or chin-level, according to this method.

(Normally, I start out with the head-height, and use that as unit for measuring the total height. This usually falls at 6.5 to 7.5 times that unit. The eyes I locate at half that unit distance between top of head and bottom of chin)

My very sincere apologies for this extended babble, which your thoughtful work has inspired. Hopefully I'll be forgiven :) And great work, as usual!
roy-p Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
My mistake in the above comment, which you've so wonderfully helped rectify with the other study :… ...

E' is not elusive at all, I thought you were deliberately plotting it on the chin, when in fact it is at its natural location. When G, after rotation of EFGH, is raised to G' at the heel level, E' is naturally found near the chin-bottom. Thus giving us an idea of the head height - A'E'.

Thank you! :)
leadbirdie Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Anyway it would be good to make much more observations. A couple of cases is not statistics...
leadbirdie Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Thanks, I did not think about it, I was sure that if the head size does not correlate with height of body unidimensionally, so this size cannot be calculated by Phi. My mistake.  But I see that this division determines it automatically! Nevertheless, the head is not good unit to build a human figure in virtue of non-linear dependence head/total body height
leadbirdie Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
To be honest I have no clue how to construct a proportionate figure from scratch. I guess there are a range of different recipes, and all they works, including "the rule of 11 fingers" of ancient Egyptians.

Observations and trials to find consistent patterns are interesting in and of itself.

If I was a rich fairy godfather :XD: I'd give a grant for "Human morphology study" on wide statistic material. Sporadic observations are not convincing!

Your comment made me to do the same with another body type:

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Golden Ratio D HA4AXXIX [ds] by leadbirdie
Egyfalcon2000 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
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